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Standard reply
**This is an automated reply.**
Thank you for your report.
The Tails Help Desk is a very small team with very limited resources. Still, we read every report. But, it is impossible for us to reply to every report. We might take days, sometimes weeks, to reply.
Because there is not much we can do about the following problems, we usually do not reply to reports about them:
- Problems with graphics cards - Problems with Macs - Problems with software that we include - Problems with software that we don't include - Problems with Tor bridges
If you have not done so already, please check to see if your problem is covered in our:
- End-user documentation: https://tails.net/doc/ - Frequently asked questions: https://tails.net/support/faq/ - Known issues: https://tails.net/support/known_issues/
If you are experiencing a problem that you were not experiencing in an older version of Tails, please reply to this email and let us know the last version of Tails in which you were not experiencing the problem.
If you have figured out a way to work around a problem, please let us know so that we can document the workaround to help other Tails users.
We are currently receiving frequent reports about the following problems:
Resizing VirtualBox virtual machine window doesn't automatically change the screen resolution of Tails. See: https://tails.net/doc/advanced_topics/virtualization/virtualbox/
The shared clipboard feature of VirtualBox is unavailable. See: https://tails.net/doc/advanced_topics/virtualization/virtualbox/
Hardware support reports we can't help with