<h1 id="create">Create a new Tails to store your backup</h1>
<h1 id="update">Create or update your backup</h1>
1. Choose
<span class="menuchoice">
<span class="guimenu">Applications</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guisubmenu">System Tools</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guimenuitem">Back Up Persistent Storage</span></span>.
<div class="note">
If you prefer updating your backup Tails from a terminal:
A new encrypted volume appears in the sidebar of the
*Files* browser. Click on it and enter the
passphrase of your backup Tails to unlock the volume.
rsync -PaSHAXv --del /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/ /media/amnesia/TailsData
When the command finishes, it displays a summary of the data that was
copied. For example:
sent 32.32M bytes received 1.69K bytes 21.55M bytes/sec
total size is 32.30M speedup is 1.00