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Most computers do not start on the Tails USB stick automatically but you can press a Boot Menu key to display a list of possible devices to start from.
If Windows 8 or 10 is <span class="linux upgrade-linux">also</span> installed on the computer, you can refer instead to the [[instructions on starting Tails from Windows 8 or 10|doc/first_steps/start/pc#windows-restart]]. Starting Tails from Windows is easier than using the Boot Menu key.
The following screenshot is an example of a Boot Menu:
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This animation summarizes how to use the Boot Menu key to start on the USB stick:
The following instructions explain in detail how to use the Boot Menu key to start on the USB stick:
Make sure that you have installed Tails using either:
[[<i>balenaEtcher</i> from Windows|install/windows#etcher]]
[[<i>balenaEtcher</i> from macOS|install/mac#etcher]]
[[<i>GNOME Disks</i> from Linux|install/linux#install]]
[[the Linux command line|install/expert#install]]
Shut down the computer while leaving the USB stick plugged in.
Shut down the computer and plug in the Tails USB stick.
Shut down the computer.
Plug in the other Tails USB stick that you want to <span class="pc-clone">install</span> <span class="upgrade">upgrade</span> from.
Unplug your Tails USB stick while leaving the intermediary USB stick plugged in.
Identify the possible Boot Menu keys for the computer depending on the computer manufacturer in the following list: