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[[!meta title="Unlocking and using the Persistent Storage"]]
To unlock your Persistent Storage and use the data that is stored in it:
When starting Tails, in the **Persistent Storage** section of the [[Welcome Screen|first_steps/welcome_screen]], enter your passphrase and click **Unlock Encryption**.
[[!img first_steps/welcome_screen/unlock_persistent_storage.png link="no" alt=""]]
[[!img first_steps/welcome_screen/persistence.png link="no" alt=""]]
Start Tails.
The data corresponding to each feature of the Persistent Storage that is turned on is automatically available. For example:
Your personal files in the *Persistent* folder are accessible from **Places** ▸ **Persistent**, if the [[Persistent Folder|configure#persistent_folder]] feature is turned on.
Your persistent bookmarks are available in *Tor Browser*, if the [[Tor Browser Bookmarks|configure#bookmarks]] feature is turned on.
Your [[Additional Software|additional_software]] packages are automatically installed when starting Tails, if the [[Additional Software|configure#additional_software]] feature is turned on.