[[!meta title="Welcome Screen"]]
The Welcome Screen appears after the Boot Loader, but before the GNOME Desktop.
You can use the Welcome Screen to specify startup options that alter some of the basic functioning of Tails.
[[!img welcome_screen.png link=no alt="Welcome to Tails!"]]
To start Tails without options, click on the
<span class="bold">Start Tails</span> button.
<div class="note">
<p>To store the settings of the Welcome Screen across different Tails sessions,
turn on the [[Welcome Screen|persistent_storage/configure#welcome_screen]]
feature of the Persistent Storage.</p>
<p>With this feature turned on, unlock your Persistent Storage to
restore your settings in the Welcome Screen.</p>
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<a id="accessibility"></a>
Assistive technologies
You can activate assistive technologies, like a screen reader or large text, from the universal access menu (the
[[!img lib/preferences-desktop-accessibility.png alt="Accessibility Menu" class="symbolic" link="no"]]
icon which looks like a person) in the top bar.
<a id="locale"></a>
Language & region
You can configure Tails depending on your language and location from the Welcome Screen.
[[!img locale.png link="no" alt=""]]
The <span class="guilabel">Language</span> option allows you to change the main language of the interface.