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This page describes the basic and advanced techniques to start Tails from a USB stick on PC.
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<h1 id="windows-restart">Starting from Windows 8 or 10</h1>
From Windows or the sign-in screen of Windows:
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<p>If the Boot Loader appears, you can continue reading our [[instructions
on the Welcome Screen and configuring the Persistent
<h1 id="boot-menu-key">Starting with the Boot Menu key</h1>
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<h1 id="not-at-all">Troubleshooting Tails not starting at all</h1>
Use this section if the computer does not start from the USB stick and the Boot Loader does not display:
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/grub.png link="no" alt="Black screen
('GNU GRUB') with Tails logo and 2 options: 'Tails' and 'Tails
(Troubleshooting Mode)'."]]
<h2 id="verify">Verify your Tails USB stick</h2>
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<p>If you get the following error message in Windows:</p>
<p class="pre">The disc image file is corrupted.</p>
<p>Then, you have to [[install Tails using <i>balenaEtcher</i>|install/windows#etcher]].</p>