[[!meta title="Error while installing the upgrade"]]
The upgrade could not be installed.
<div class="caution">
<p>Your Tails USB stick needs to be repaired and might be unable to restart.</p>
This is probably caused by a software error in Tails Upgrader.
Reporting the problem to our help desk
If you are comfortable with the command line, please [[report the problem to our help desk|support/talk]].
Include in your report:
the debugging information that appears in the error message
- the output of the five following commands, run in a
[[<span class=\"application\">Terminal</span>|first_steps/desktop#terminal]]:
ls -l /lib/live/mount/medium/live
cat /lib/live/mount/medium/live/Tails.module
df -h
free -m
Repairing your Tails USB stick
To repair your Tails USB stick, please try doing a [[manual upgrade|upgrade#manual]].
<div class="note">
<p>The Persistent Storage on the USB stick will be preserved.</p>
If the manual upgrade fails as well, please [[report another error|first_steps/bug_reporting]].