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1. The deletion will start. It can last from a few seconds to several minutes,
according to the size of the files. Be patient…
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All the current storage devices are listed in the left pane.
A new device appears in the list of storage devices. Click on it:
Check that the description of the device on the right side of the screen corresponds to your device: its brand, its size, etc.
Choose <span class="guilabel">Compatible with all systems and devices (MBR/DOS)</span> in the <span class="guilabel">Partitioning</span> drop-down list.
Choose to <span class="guilabel">Overwrite existing data with zeroes</span> in the <span class="guilabel">Erase</span> drop-down list.
Click on the disk that you want to clean in the left pane to navigate to the root of this disk.
Click on the [[!img lib/open-menu.png alt="Menu" class="symbolic" link="no"]] button in the right corner of the title bar and choose **Show Hidden Files**.
Click on the <span class="guimenu">[[!img lib/open-menu.png alt="Menu" class="symbolic" link="no"]]</span> button in the titlebar and choose <span class="guilabel">Format Disk…</span> to erase all the existing partitions on the device.
Click <span class="bold">Format…</span>.
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<div class="caution">
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<div class="note">
Finally, even when the storage medium is overwritten, physical properties of the medium might make it possible to recover the previous contents. In most cases however, this recovery is not possible by just reading from the storage device in the usual way, but requires using laboratory techniques such as disassembling the device and directly accessing/reading from its components.
For more details read the corresponding section of the Wikipedia article on [[!wikipedia Data_erasure#Limitations desc="data erasure"]].