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[[!meta title="System requirements and recommended hardware"]]
Tails works on most PC computers that are less than 10 years old.
Tails works on some older Mac computers with an Intel processor.
Tails does not work on newer Mac computers with an Apple processor (M1 or M2).
Tails might not work on:
Some older computers, for example, if they don't have enough RAM.
Some newer computers, for example, if their [[graphics card is incompatible with Linux|support/known_issues/graphics]].
"Gaming" graphics cards like Nvidia or AMD Radeon, which are often incompatible.
<p>See our [[list of known hardware compatibility
Hardware requirements
- A USB stick of 8 GB minimum or a recordable DVD.
All the data on this USB stick or DVD will be lost when installing Tails.
- The ability to start from a USB stick or a DVD reader.
A 64-bit <span class="definition">[[!wikipedia x86-64]]</span> compatible processor:
<span class="definition">[[!wikipedia IBM_PC_compatible]]</span> but not <span class="definition">[[!wikipedia PowerPC]]</span> nor <span class="definition">[[!wikipedia ARM_architecture desc="ARM"]]</span>.
Tails does not work on newer Mac computers with an [[!wikipedia Apple_silicon#M_series desc="Apple processor"]] (M1 or M2).
Tails does not work on 32-bit computers since [[Tails 3.0|news/Tails_3.0_will_require_a_64-bit_processor]] (June 2017).
Tails does not work on phone or tablets.
- 2 GB of RAM to work smoothly.