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[[!meta title="Our plans for the coming years"]]
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[[!tag announce]]
As part of our ongoing donation campaign, we already explained you [[why we needed donations|why_we_need_donations]] and [[how we use these donations|what_we_do_with_your_money]]. Today we are sharing with you our plans for the next years:
**Easier adoption**
**Revamp Tails Greeter**: make it easier to configure Tails when starting ([[!tails_ticket 5464]])
**Rethink the installation and upgrade process**: take a step back and reflect on the future of Tails Installer, the installation on Windows and Mac, and automatic upgrades ([[!tails_ticket 11679]])
**Graphical installation method for macOS**: what would it take to document tools other than Tails Installer to do a graphical installation from macOS? ([[!tails_ticket 11682]])
**Explain better what Tails is** and what makes it so awesome ([[!tails_ticket 9814]])
**Security hardening**
**Reproducible build of the ISO image**: protect users and developers from a malicious build of our ISO image ([[!tails_ticket 5630]])
**Persistent Tor state**: have persistent entry guards ([[!tails_ticket 5462]])
**HTTPS mirrors**: serve our downloads over HTTPS only ([[!tails_ticket 9796]])
**Persistent seed for random number generator**: have better entropy and stronger crypto ([[!tails_ticket 7675]])
**Browser fingerprint**: compare and reevaluate the web fingerprint of Tor Browser inside and outside Tails ([[!tails_ticket 5362]])
**Web platform for translators**: make it easier to translate our website ([[!tails_ticket 10034]])
**Social contract**: guiding principles that reflects the commitment to our ideals ([[!tails_ticket 11669]])
**Personas**: study and describe our user base to take better design decisions ([[!tails_ticket 11162]])