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[[!meta title="Crowd-funding campaign for Tails"]]
The Freedom of the Press Foundation launched a [campaign to support encryption tools for journalists](https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/) that is going to last for two months. The campaign is gathering funds for Tails, [Tor](https://torproject.org/), the encrypted mobile communication tools [RedPhone and TextSecure](https://whispersystems.org/), and the encrypted email platform [LEAP](https://leap.se/).
Spread the word and help make the campaign a success. This is an easy way to donate to support open-source encryption tools that can better protect the communications of journalists and sources. Your donation will be [tax-deductible](https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/donation-information). You can also [donate by check](https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/donation-information).