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[[!meta title="Berliners, come test new features with us (again) and get a T-shirt!"]]
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[[!tag announce]]
We are working on making it much easier to **permanently install additional software in Tails**.
We want to test our design with users to make sure that it is really easy to use.
Don't be shy! It will be a great opportunity to contribute to world-class privacy software like Tails, even if you don't feel really tech-savvy.
The tests will take place in Berlin (Wedding) in January on:
- Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 - Monday 29
Plan to stay with us for 1 hour.
We will give you a Tails T-shirt as a token of our thanks.
[[!img 33c3/t-shirt.jpg link="no"]]
Please, take this survey so we can organize our schedule:
<strike>https://survey.tails.boum.org/</strike> (We have enough people already!)
And if you can't come, maybe you can share this with 2-3 other people in Berlin?