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<!-- We should get rid of this warning once we have
#8436 (Wipe the LUKS header when deleting a persistent volume). -->
Start Tails from the USB stick on which you want to delete the Persistent Storage.
In the Welcome Screen, keep the Persistent Storage locked.
Click **Delete** in the right of the title bar.
<p>To securely delete the Persistent Storage, you have to [[securely
delete the entire USB stick|encryption_and_privacy/secure_deletion#device]],
which is a much slower operation.</p>
Choose **Applications**&nbsp;▸ **Tails**&nbsp;▸ **Persistent Storage**.
[[!meta title="Deleting the Persistent Storage"]]
[[!meta title="پاک کردن درایو مانا"]]
<p>This technique is fast but might not prevent a strong attacker from
recovering files from an old Persistent Storage using advanced [[data
recovery techniques|encryption_and_privacy/secure_deletion#why]].</p>
<strong>ممکن است شیوهٔ قبلی از بازیابی فایل‌های قدیمی روی درایو مانا که از
[شیوه‌های بازیابی داده‌ها|encryption_and_privacy/secure_deletion#why]] استفاده می‌کنند جلوگیری نکند.</strong>
با پاک کردن ایمن درایو مانا، تیلز را روی دستگاه دیگری اجرا کنید و کارهای زیر را روی آن فایل‌ها انجام بدهید: