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[[!meta date="Sat, 12 Apr 2014 20:23:45 +0000"]]
[[!meta title="And the winner is..."]]
Our [[logo contest|logo_contest]] ended up a few days ago. Since then, 11 regular Tails contributors voted on the [[!tails_blueprint logo desc="36 proposals"]].
The winning proposal is the one by [[!tails_blueprint logo#tchou desc="Tchou"]].
We commented on the initial version and we already came up with an improved version: [[!tails_blueprint logo/tchou-improved.png]]
In the coming days we will keep on fine-tuning it and integrating it in time for Tails 1.0. So don't hesitate to comment on it.
Top 7
Six other great proposals made it to the top 7:
2nd: tie between [[!tails_blueprint logo#andrew desc="Andrew"]] and [[!tails_blueprint logo#joe desc="Joe"]]
4th: tie between [[!tails_blueprint logo#jared desc="Jared"]] and [[!tails_blueprint logo#renato desc="Renato"]]
6th: tie between [[!tails_blueprint logo#mewchan desc="MewChan, hiding cat"]] and [[!tails_blueprint logo#christopher desc="Christopher"]]
This [[!tails_blueprint logo/top7.pdf desc="PDF"]] shows a graph of how many voters preferred a given proposal to another one.
We reiterate our thanks to the 31 designers who worked for this contest to be such a success.