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[[!meta title="Tails 4.17 is out"]]
[[!meta date="Tue, 23 Mar 2021 12:34:56 +0000"]]
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[[!pagetemplate template="news.tmpl"]]
[[!tag announce]]
[[!tag announce]]
This release fixes known security vulnerabilities. You should upgrade as soon as possible.
<h1 id="upgrades">Reliability improvements to automatic upgrades</h1>
- Repair automatically the file system used during upgrades.
Automatic upgrades were sometimes failing even after doing a manual upgrade
because of an unclean file system. ([[!tails_ticket 17902]])
- Resume automatically when the download of an upgrade fails.
<h1 id="changes">Other changes and updates</h1>
- Update *Tor Browser* to [10.0.14](https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-10014).
- Update *Thunderbird* to [78.8.0](https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/78.8.0/releasenotes/).
- Update *Tor* to
- Update *GRUB* to [2.04-16](https://www.debian.org/security/2020-GRUB-UEFI-SecureBoot/).
Update some firmware packages. This should improve the support for some Wi-Fi interfaces, especially Intel, Broadcom, and Cypress interfaces.
<h1 id="fixes">Fixed problems</h1>
<h1 id="fixes">Problemas arreglados</h1>
- Improve the error message when starting the *Unsafe Browser* while offline. ([[!tails_ticket 12251]])
[[!img unsafe.png link="no" alt="New error message: You are not connected to a local network yet."]]
For more details, read our [[!tails_gitweb debian/changelog desc="changelog"]]. Para más detalles, lee nuestro [[!tails_gitweb debian/changelog desc="changelog"]].
<h1 id="issues">Known issues</h1>
<h1 id="issues">Problemas conocidos</h1>