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[[!meta title="Tails 4.15.1 is out"]]
[[!meta date="Wed, 28 Jan 2021 12:34:56 +0000"]]
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[[!tag announce]]
This release is an emergency release to fix a security vulnerability in *sudo*.
You should upgrade as soon as possible. Dovresti eseguire l'aggiornamento il più presto possibile.
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<h1 id="changes">Changes and updates</h1>
Included software Programmi inclusi
Update *sudo* to 1.8.27-1+deb10u3, which fixes CVE-2021-3156, a major vulnerability that allows normal users to gain root privileges.
<h1 id="issues">Known issues</h1>
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See the list of [[long-standing issues|support/known_issues]]. Vedi la lista dei [[problemi noti da tempo|support/known_issues]].
<h1 id="get">Get Tails 4.15.1</h1>
To upgrade your Tails USB stick and keep your persistent storage Per aggiornare la propria chiavetta USB Tails e conservare il proprio volume persistente
Automatic upgrades are broken from Tails 4.14 and earlier. See the <a href="#broken-upgrades">known issue above</a>.
- Automatic upgrades are available from Tails 4.15 to 4.15.1.
If you cannot do an automatic upgrade or if Tails fails to start after an automatic upgrade, please try to do a [[manual upgrade|doc/upgrade/#manual]]. Se non puoi eseguire un aggiornamento automatico o se Tails non si avvia dopo un aggiornamento automatico, ti preghiamo di provare a eseguire un [[aggiornamento manuale|doc/upgrade/#manual]].
To install Tails on a new USB stick Per installare Tails su una nuova chiavetta USB
Follow our installation instructions: Segui le nostre istruzioni d'installazione: