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[[!meta date="Wed, 5 Dec 2018 18:00:00 +0000"]]
[[!meta title="We are accepting donations in 4 new cryptocurrencies"]]
Users of cryptocurrencies have been huge supporters of Tails in all our previous donation campaigns and we are extremely thankful to them!
As part of our on-going [[donation|news/2018-fundraiser]] [[campaign|achievements_in_2018]], we are now accepting donations in 4 new cryptocurrencies, in addition to Bitcoins.
We chose these 4 because they are the most popular and easiest for us to receive. We might add more cryptocurrencies in the future as they gain momentum.
But as of now, we hope the 5 crypto and 4 legacy currencies you'll find on the donation page will provide you with the necessary means to support us!
Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic
<div class="button"><a href="https://tails.net/donate/?r=cryptos">Donate</a></div>