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[[!meta title="Mafé"]]
[[!meta title="Mafé"]]
Western African dish based on sweet potatoes. Ingredients for 12 people! :) Platillo de África del oeste basado en papas dulces. Ingredientes para 12 personas :)
Yof ingredients Ingredientes de Yof
1 bunch of parsley Un puñado de perejil
1 big onion Una cebolla grande
3 cloves of garlic Tres dientes de ajo
3 cubes dehydrated vegetable broth tres cubos de caldo vegetal deshidratado
2 teaspoons of chili powder (or fresh)
Main ingredients
3 big onions
2.5 kg sweet potatoes 🍠 (yes! U+1F360 is "ROASTED SWEET POTATO"!)
800 g. crushed tomatoes (canned is fine)
400 g. smooth peanut butter
½ l. boiled vegetable broth. It is a good idea to make a bit more and keep it in case the mafé becomes to thick.
4 table spoons sunflower oil
(Optional [used during the 2017 summit]): ½ bunch chopped parsley for decoration
(Optional [but not used during the 2017 summit]): more chili for a more authentic/traditional experience! :)
Prepare the yof by mixing (preferably with an electrical mixer) all ingredients into a paste.