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<div class="bug windows upgrade-windows">
<p>If <i>balenaEtcher</i> does not start, restart Windows and try again.</p>
<p class="windows upgrade-windows">
Abre la descarga de <span class="application">balenaEtcher</span>.
<h1 id="install" class="step">Install <span class="upgrade">an intermediary</span> Tails using <em>balenaEtcher</em></h1>
<p>If the image has an <i>.iso</i> file
extension, it is not the correct image. Please go back to the
<span class="windows">[[download step|windows#download]].</span>
<span class="mac">[[download step|mac#download]].</span>
<span class="upgrade-windows">[[download step|upgrade/windows#download]].</span>
<span class="upgrade-mac">[[download step|upgrade/mac#download]].</span></p>
<p class="mac upgrade-mac">
If a notification about the USB stick not being readable appears,
click <span class="bold">Eject</span> to eject the USB stick.