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Use this section if the Boot Loader appears but not the Welcome Screen when you start Tails.
<h2>Verify your Tails USB stick</h2>
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<h2 id="troubleshooting-mode">Try the Troubleshooting Mode entry</h2>
In the Boot Loader, choose the **Troubleshooting Mode** entry, which works better on some computers.
<h2 id="external-hard-disk">Try the External Hard Disk entry</h2>
In the Boot Loader, choose the **External Hard Disk** entry, if it is available. Some USB sticks need this entry in order to start Tails.
<h2 id="known-issues-not-entirely">Check our list of known issues</h2>
If the computer displays the error message **Error starting GDM with your graphics card**, refer to our [[list of known issues with graphics cards|support/known_issues/graphics]].
Otherwise, refer to our [[list of known issues about Tails not starting entirely|support/known_issues#not-entirely]]. It might contain workarounds for your computer model.