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Using <span class="application">GNOME Disks</span> 使用<span class="application">GNOME 磁碟</span>
A list of all the storage devices on the computer appears in the left pane
of the window.
1. If you want to erase all data securely, choose to
**Overwrite existing data with zeroes** in the
**Erase** drop-down list.
a. 如果要安全地清除所有資料,選擇
下拉式選單的<span class="guilabel">清除</span>選項
當中的<span class="guilabel">以零覆寫珼有的資料</span>
2. Choose **Compatible with all systems and devices (MBR/DOS)**
in the **Partitioning** drop-down list.
a. 選擇<span class="guilabel">相容所有作業
系統和設備 (MBR/DOS)</span>,其位於 <span class="guilabel">分割磁區</span>