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[[!meta title="Troubleshooting connecting to Tor"]]
The sections below summarize the most common problems when [[connecting to Tor|tor]].
<h2 id="clock">The computer clock is set to an incorrect time zone</h2>
The clock of the computer needs to be correct to connect to Tor.
If you choose to [[hide that you are connecting to Tor|tor#hiding]], you might have to fix the clock manually if Tails fails to connect to Tor.
Choose **Fix Clock** in the error screen of the *Tor Connection* assistant to set the clock and time zone of your computer.
If you have problems fixing the clock, you can instead try to restart Tails and choose to [[connect to Tor automatically|tor#automatic]]. When connecting to Tails automatically, Tails fixes the clock automatically by connecting to the captive portal detection service of [Fedora](https://getfedora.org/) before connecting to Tor.
<h2 id="incorrect">You did not enter the bridge correctly</h2>
Only obfs4 bridges can be used in Tails currently.
An obfs4 bridge looks like:
obfs4 B0E566C9031657EA7ED3FC9D248E8AC4F37635A4 cert=OYWq67L7MDApdJCctUAF7rX8LHvMxvIBPHOoAp0+YXzlQdsxhw6EapaMNwbbGICkpY8CPQ iat-mode=0
You need to enter the entire line, not just the IP address and port combination.
<h2 id="broken">The bridge is no longer operational</h2>
It is possible that the bridge that you entered is no longer working.
Try entering another bridge or requesting other bridges.