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Everything you do on the Internet from Tails goes through the Tor network.
Tor encrypts and anonymizes your connection by passing it through 3 relays. Tor relays are servers operated by different people and organizations around the world.
[[!img tor.svg link="no" alt="A Tor connection goes through 3 relays with the last one establishing the actual connection to the final destination"]]
To, hopefully, ease translations, this SVG embeds the font used in the labels "Tor hides ...":
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Convert the TTF file SourceSansPro-Semibold.ttf to Base64 using:
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You cannot access the Internet from Tails until you are connected to Tor. For
example, *Tor Browser* displays the error message <span class="code">Proxy
server refusing connections</span> until you are connected to Tor.
<div class="note">
<p>Because Tor routes your Internet traffic through 3 relays
before reaching its destination, the
connection is slower than when you are not using Tor.</p>
<p>See our documentation on
[[why Tor is slow|doc/anonymous_internet/tor/slow]].</p>
To connect to the Tor network:
[[Connect to a local network|networkmanager]], wired, Wi-Fi, or mobile.
The *Tor Connection* assistant appears to help you connect to the Tor network.