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You cannot access the Internet from Tails until you are connected to Tor. For
example, *Tor Browser* displays the error message <span class="code">Proxy
server refusing connections</span> until you are connected to Tor.
Using a public Tor relay as your first Tor relay makes it clear to your local
network that you are connecting to Tor, while still keeping your online
activity secure and anonymous.
Tor bridges are secret Tor relays that keep your connection to the Tor
network hidden.
Use a bridge as your first Tor relay if connecting to Tor is blocked or if
using Tor could look suspicious to someone who monitors your Internet
The technology used by Tor bridges is designed to circumvent censorship
where connections to Tor are blocked, for example in some countries with heavy censorship,
by some public networks, or by some parental controls.
It does so by camouflaging your connection so it cannot be recognized as a
connection to Tor. As a consequence, the same technology can be used to hide
that you are using Tor if it could look suspicious to someone who monitors
your Internet connection.
Tor bridges are often less reliable and slower than public Tor relays.
When you choose this option:
First, Tails synchronizes the clock of the computer automatically, because a correct time is needed to be able to connect to the Tor network.
Tails learns the current time by connecting to the captive portal detection
service of [Fedora](https://getfedora.org/), which is used by most Linux
distributions. This connection does not go through the Tor network and is an
exception to our policy of only making Internet connections through the Tor
<p>You can learn more about our security assessment of this time
synchronization in our [[design documentation about non-Tor
If you choose instead to [[hide that you are connecting to Tor|tor#hiding]],
you might have to fix the computer clock manually.
Then, Tails tries different ways of connecting to Tor until it succeeds: Cuando eliges esta opción, Tails intenta diferentes formas de conectarse a Tor hasta que tiene éxito: