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[[!meta title="Exchanging Monero using Feather"]]
[*Feather*](https://featherwallet.org/) is a Monero wallet with a graphical interface similar to that of [[*Electrum*|doc/anonymous_internet/electrum]].
To learn how to install and use *Feather* in Tails, see [this guide](https://xmrguide.org/tails/feather/install).
<div class="caution">
<div class="caution">
<p>If you follow the guide linked to above, you will install <i>Feather</i> as an AppImage
instead of using the
[[Additional Software|persistent_storage/additional_software]] feature. This is
because <i>Feather</i> is not included in Debian.</p>
<p>Because <i>Feather</i> is not included in Debian, it does not receive the
same [[high level of scrutiny|doc/about/trust/#trust_debian]] as software in Debian.
This makes it much more likely for a security issue in <i>Feather</i> to go
<p>Also, because <i>Feather</i> is not being installed using the Additional
Software feature, it will not be automatically updated.</p>
Please report your findings about using *Feather* in Tails on:
<tails-testers@boum.org> (public mailing list)
[[!tails_ticket 17823]]