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[[!meta title="Starting Tails from an external hard disk"]]
When starting Tails from an external hard disk or [[problematic USB stick|support/known_issues#problematic-usb-sticks]], Tails might return the following error message:
Unable to find a medium containing a live file system
In such cases, choose the **External Hard Disk** entry if it appears in the Boot Loader.
If the **External Hard Disk** entry does not appear in the Boot Loader,
then remove the <span class="code">live-media=removable</span>
boot option. To do so, see our instructions on [[modifying the boot options using
the Boot Loader|doc/advanced_topics/boot_options]].
<div class="caution">
<p>Choosing the <b>External Hard Disk</b> entry in the Boot Loader or removing
the <span class="code">live-media=removable</span> boot
option might be dangerous. If an adversary had access to the computer
and installed a malicious Tails on the internal hard disk, the computer
might start on the malicious Tails instead of on the USB stick.</p>