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[[!meta title="Chatting with Dino and OMEMO"]]
[*Dino*](https://dino.im/) is a modern, open-source Jabber/XMPP chat client. *Dino* supports end-to-end encryption using [OMEMO](https://conversations.im/omemo/).
To learn how to install and use *Dino* in Tails, see [this tutorial](https://t-hinrichs.net/DinoTails/DinoTails_recent.html).
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<p>The tutorial linked above is outdated since Tails 5.0 (May 2022). See [[!tails_ticket 19104]].</p>
We are considering *Dino* as an option to replace [[*Pidgin*|doc/anonymous_internet/pidgin]] in Tails.