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[[!meta title="Modifying the boot options using the Boot Loader"]]
The Boot Loader is the first screen that appears when Tails starts.
You can use the Boot Loader to modify the *boot options*. Boot options are special parameters used to troubleshoot or work around hardware support problems. For example, our [[list of known issues with graphics cards|support/known_issues/graphics]] document boot options for different graphics cards.
<div class="tip">
<div class="tip">
<p>The <span class="guilabel">Troubleshooting Mode</span> of the Boot Loader disables some features of the
Linux kernel and might work better on some computers. You can try this option if you
think you are experiencing hardware compatibility errors while
starting Tails.</p>
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[[!toc levels=1]]
Depending on the computer, the Boot Loader might be either *GRUB* or *SYSLINUX*.
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This is what *SYSLINUX* looks like:
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/syslinux.png link="no" alt="Black screen ('SYSLINUX') with Tails
logo and 2 options: 'Tails' and 'Tails (Troubleshooting Mode)'."]]
<div class="note">
<div class="note">
<p>If your Boot Loader looks different, refer to our instructions below on
modifying the boot options [[using GRUB|boot_options#grub]].</p>
To modify the boot options in *SYSLINUX*:
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Press **Tab** when *SYSLINUX* appears.
A command line with a list
of boot options appears at the bottom of the screen.
[[!img syslinux-with-options.png link="no" alt="SYSLINUX with
a list of options starting with '/live/vmlinuz' at the bottom"]]
Modify the boot options as needed.