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If you find Tails useful, please consider [[donating money|donate]] or [[contributing some of your time and skills|contribute]] to the project. Donations to Tails are tax-deductible both in the US and in Europe. 如果你覺得 Tails 有用,請考慮[[捐款|donate]] 或是為這個專案 [[貢獻出一些時間或技能|contribute]] 。在歐洲與美國,捐款給 Tails 給可扺稅。
In October 2014, Tails was being used by more than 11 500 people daily. The profile of Tor and Tails users is very diverse. This diversity increases the anonymity provided by those tools for everyone by making it harder to target and to identify a specific type of user. From the various contacts that we have with organizations working on the ground, we know that Tails has been used by: 2014 年10月, 約有11 500 人 [[每天|support/faq#boot_statistics]] 使用 Tails.。Tor 與 Tails 的使用者樣貌非常多元。其多樣性提高了這些工具提供的匿名性,更難以針對目標去辨別出特定的使用者類型。從與在第一線不同組織的接觸,我們了解 Tails 被用來:
[Reporters Without Borders](https://rsf.org/) is an organization that promotes and defends freedom of information, freedom of the press, and has consultant status at the United Nations. RWB [advertises the use of Tails](https://rsf.org/sites/default/files/guide_journaliste_rsf_2015_en_0.pdf) for journalists to fight censorship and protect their sources. RWB uses Tails in their training sessions world-wide. [Reporters Without Borders](https://rsf.org/) 是一個提倡與捍衛資訊自由、新聞自由的組織,其具有聯合國諮詢地位。RWB [推廣使用 Tails](https://www.wefightcensorship.org/article/tails-amnesic-incognito-live-systemhtml.html) 好讓記者對抗言論審查與保護消息來源。RWB 在他們的全球訓練課程中介紹 Tails 使用。
[According to Laura Poitras, Glenn Greenwald, and Barton Gellman](https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/blog/2014/04/help-support-little-known-privacy-tool-has-been-critical-journalists-reporting-nsa), Tails has been an essential tool to work on the Snowden documents and report on the NSA spying. In a recent [article for The Intercept](https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/10/28/smuggling-snowden-secrets/), Micah Lee gives many details on how Tails helped them starting to work together.