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<h1 id="verify-other" class="step">Verify that the other Tails is up-to-date</h1>
To prevent
<span class="pc-clone mac-clone">installing</span>
<span class="upgrade-clone">upgrading to</span>
an outdated version of Tails with known security issues, make sure that the Tails you are
<span class="pc-clone mac-clone">installing</span>
<span class="upgrade-clone">upgrading</span>
from is up-to-date:
Choose <span class="menuchoice"> <span class="guimenu">Applications</span>&nbsp;▸ <span class="guisubmenu">Tails</span>&nbsp;▸ <span class="guimenuitem">About Tails</span></span>.
Verify that you are running <span class="guilabel">Tails [[!inline pages="inc/stable_amd64_version" raw="yes" sort="age"]]</span> released on [[!inline pages="inc/stable_amd64_date" raw="yes" sort="age"]]:
a. If you are running [[!inline pages="inc/stable_amd64_version" raw="yes" sort="age"]] then you can continue with the next step.
b. If you are not running [[!inline pages="inc/stable_amd64_version" raw="yes" sort="age"]] then connect to the Internet
and to Tor. After a minute or two, <span class="application">Tails Upgrader</span>
appears with instructions on how to upgrade. Apply all upgrades as requested.