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[[!meta title="Berliners, come test new features with us and get a T-shirt!"]]
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[[!tag announce]]
We are working on making it much easier to use VeraCrypt in Tails.
We want to test our design with users to make sure that it is really easy to use. We are looking for users of either VeraCrypt, Tails, or both.
Don't be shy! It will be a great opportunity to contribute to world-class privacy software like Tails, even if you have little or no knowledge of Tails or VeraCrypt.
The tests will take place in Berlin (Wedding) on Friday 8, Saturday 9, and Sunday 10 of December in the afternoon. Plan to stay with us for 1 hour.
We will give you a Tails T-shirt as a token of our thanks.
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Please, take this survey so we can organize our schedule:
<strike>https://survey.tails.boum.org/</strike> (We have
enough people already!)
And if you can't come, maybe you can forward this to 2-3 other people in Berlin?