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[[!meta title="Use of cleartext swap partitions on local hard disks"]]
At least until its version 1.157.4-1, `live-initramfs` has a [bug](http://lists.debian.org/debian-live/2009/09/msg00125.html) that makes it use any cleartext swap partition found on local hard disks.
Any kind of information about the user's activities can be stored on the local hard disks of the computers being used with affected amnesia systems.
Mitigation of passed effects
It is recommended to securely erase, using a program such as `shred`, any cleartext Linux swap partition present on computers having been used with affected amnesia systems.
We fixed this hole on 20091006 (commit 00c1ff633e8958d0233) by installing a custom fixed `live-initramfs` package into built images.
The relevant patch was then [integrated](http://lists.debian.org/debian-live/2009/10/msg00124.html) in upstream's Git.
Affected versions
Releases 0.2-20090815 and 0.2-20090816 are affected, as well as any custom image built from Git before commit 00c1ff633e8958d0233.