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The [[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/milestones desc="list of things that will be fixed or improved in the next release"]]
<p>If you would like to see a new feature in Tails,
search the [[!tails_ticket "" desc="open issues in GitLab"]] first,
and file a new issue on GitLab if no existing one matches your needs.</p>
Our comprehensive [[documentation|doc]] might already answer your question:
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<h1>Write to our help desk</h1>
<h1>Report an error</h1>
<h1>Request a feature</h1>
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[[!meta title="Support"]]
<p>If Tails does not start, please see our specific
[[reporting guidelines|doc/first_steps/bug_reporting#does_not_start]].</p>
<p>如果Tails 沒有啟動, 請見特別的
<p>If you are facing an error in Tails, please follow the [[bug reporting
<p>如果你發現Tails出錯, 請依照 [[程式臭蟲回報
The [[!tails_ticket "" desc="rest of our open issues on GitLab"]] [[!tails_redmine desc="rest of our open tickets on Redmine"]]
You can have a look at: 你可以看看:
The [[list of known issues|support/known_issues]] [[已知的問題列表|support/known_issues]]