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[[!meta title="Security hole in I2P 0.9.13"]]
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A security hole affects I2P 0.9.13, that is part of Tails 1.1 and earlier.
Scope and severity
If you are using I2P in Tails 1.1 and earlier, an attacker can de-anonymize you: they can learn the IP address that identifies you on the Internet.
To be able to conduct this attack:
the attacker must be able to affect the content of a website that you are visiting using the [[Tor Browser|doc/anonymous_internet/Tor_Browser]] in Tails — many people are able to do so;
and, the attacker must find out how to exploit this security hole; this information has not been published yet, but they may somehow already have discovered it, or been made aware of it.
<p><strong>Tails does not start I2P by default.</strong> This design
decision was made precisely in order to
protect the Tails users who do not use I2P from security holes in this
piece of software.</p>
<p>Still, an attacker who would also be able to start I2P on your
Tails, either by exploiting another undisclosed security hole, or by
tricking you into starting it yourself, could then use this I2P
security hole to de-anonymize you.</p>
Temporary solutions
You can protect yourself from this security hole until it is corrected.
Do not start I2P in Tails 1.1 and earlier. You can protect yourself further by removing the `i2p` package every time you start Tails:
[[Set an administration password|doc/first_steps/welcome_screen/administration_password]].
Run this command in a <span class="application">Root Terminal</span>:
apt-get purge i2p
However, if you really need to use I2P in Tails 1.1: before you start I2P, disable JavaScript globally [[with NoScript|doc/anonymous_internet/Tor_Browser#noscript]] in the Tor Browser.
This security hole was reported to us by Exodus Intelligence.