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Since Tails is based on Debian, it takes advantage of all the work done by the Debian security team. As quoted from <https://www.debian.org/security/>: 既然 Tails是基於 Debian 的版本,它也利用了Debian 安全團隊所完成的工作。引述自<http://security.debian.org/>:
> Experience has shown that "security through obscurity" does
not work. Public disclosure allows for more rapid and better solutions to
security problems. In that vein, this page addresses Debian's status with
respect to various known security vulnerabilities, which could potentially affect
> 經驗顯示 "透過觀察的安全" 不會
安全問題。 因此, 本頁描述了 Debian 的現況
以及其有關的安全漏洞問題, 其可能會潛在地影響
Current security vulnerabilities
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Fixed security vulnerabilities
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Security audits
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