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Announcements and press releases
The general purpose announcements that we publish are available either by email or by RSS feed on [[Tails News|news]]. They are mainly meant for Tails users.
We sometimes publish press releases but they are not archived on the website. Write us an email at [[tails-press@boum.org|about/contact#tails-press]] if you want to receive future press releases, or if you have a press inquiry.
You can also send press articles about Tails to this address, so we can add them to this page.
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We invite you to encrypt your press inquiries using [[our OpenPGP
public key|doc/about/openpgp_keys#press]].
Quick links to better understand Tails
[[About Tails|about]] for a quick overview
More details about the [[features and software|doc/about/features]] included in Tails
Our [[design document|contribute/design]] about Tails specification, threat model and implementation
Our [[documentation|doc]] explaining in details how to use Tails
Media appearances
Tails is mentioned regularly in the press and in research papers. This list is not comprehensive, but illustrates some of the significant articles that have been published about Tails.
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[[!inline pages="press/media_appearances_2020" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
Older media appearances