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Announcements and press releases
The general purpose announcements that we publish are available either by email or by RSS feed on [[Tails News|news]]. They are mainly meant for Tails users.
We sometimes publish press releases but they are not archived on the website. Write us an email at [[tails-press@boum.org|about/contact#tails-press]] if you want to receive future press releases, or if you have a press inquiry.
You can also send press articles about Tails to this address, so we can add them to this page.
We invite you to encrypt your press inquiries using [[our OpenPGP
public key|doc/about/openpgp_keys#press]].
Quick links to better understand Tails
[[About Tails|about]] for a quick overview
More details about the [[features and software|doc/about/features]] included in Tails
Older media appearances