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Personal files
Some settings
Additional software
Encryption keys
You can use this Persistent Storage to store, for example:
The Persistent Storage is an encrypted partition protected by a passphrase on the USB stick.
After you create a Persistent Storage, you can choose to unlock it or not each time you start Tails.
<p>If you receive the error message <em>Device was not created using a USB
image or Tails installer</em>, then you need to reinstall Tails either by:</p>
<p>If you receive the error message while running Tails using
<i>virt-manager</i>, then you need to
[[run Tails from our USB image|doc/advanced_topics/virtualization/virt-manager#usb_image]]
instead of our ISO image.</p>
<!-- We should improve this error message in #10048 and get rid of this note. -->
<p>The error message <em>Error, Persistence volume is not
unlocked.</em> means that the Persistent Storage was not unlocked in
the Welcome Screen. You cannot use or configure your Persistent Storage
but you can delete it and create a new one.</p>
<p>To close the <b>Configure persistent volume</b> application,
press <span class="keycap">Esc</span>.</p>
When run for the first time, or after [[deleting the Persistent Storage|delete]], an assistant allows you to create a Persistent Storage in the free space left on the USB stick. Refer to our [[installation instructions|install/clone#create-persistence]] for more guidance on creating the Persistent Storage.
<p><strong>Restart Tails to apply the changes</strong> after selecting or
deselecting one or several features.</p>
<p>Only the features that are listed below can currently be made
<p>We are often asked to implement new features of the
Persistent Storage:
Tor Browser preferences,
Tor configuration,
desktop background,
mouse and touchpad settings,
See the
<p>If you turn off a feature, it will be
unavailable after restarting Tails but the
corresponding files
are still saved in the Persistent Storage.</p>
<p>To delete the files corresponding to a feature:</p>
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