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Additional software
- Additional software is automatically installed when starting Tails.
After you create a Persistent Storage, you can choose to unlock it or not each time you start Tails.
After you unlock the Persistent Storage, the data corresponding to each feature of the Persistent Storage is automatically available. For example:
<a id="additional_software"></a>
<a id="bitcoin"></a>
<a id="browser_bookmarks"></a>
<a id="displays"></a>
<a id="dotfiles"></a>
<a id="gnupg"></a>
<a id="network_connections"></a>
<a id="personal_data"></a>
<a id="pidgin"></a>
<a id="printers"></a>
<a id="ssh_client"></a>
<a id="thunderbird"></a>
<a id="tor-bridge">
<a id="welcome_screen"></a>
<a id="gnome_keyring"></a>
All the configuration options are available from the graphical interface of *Pidgin*. There is no need to manually edit or overwrite the configuration files.
All the files in subfolders of */live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked/dotfiles* are also linked in the corresponding subfolder of the *Home* folder using Linux symbolic links.