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[[!meta title="Persistent Storage"]]
If you start Tails from a USB stick, you can create an encrypted Persistent Storage in the free space left on the USB stick. The files and settings stored in the Persistent Storage are saved encrypted and remain available across different working sessions.
You can use this Persistent Storage to store, for example:
Personal files
Some settings
Additional software
Encryption keys
The Persistent Storage is an encrypted partition protected by a passphrase on the USB stick.
After you create a Persistent Storage, you can choose to unlock it or not each time you start Tails.
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<p>To learn how Tails implements Persistent Storage, see our
[[design documentation about persistence|contribute/design/persistence]].</p>
<h1 id="create">Creating the Persistent Storage</h1>
To create the Persistent Storage, choose **Applications**&nbsp;▸ **Tails**&nbsp;▸ **Configure persistent volume**.
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<p>If you receive the error message <em>Device was not created using a USB
image or Tails installer</em>, then you need to reinstall Tails either by:</p>
<li>Installing using our [[USB image|install/download]] instead of our ISO image</li>
<li>[[Installing from another Tails|install/clone]]</li>
<p>If you receive the error message while running Tails using
<i>virt-manager</i>, then you need to
[[run Tails from our USB image|doc/advanced_topics/virtualization/virt-manager#usb_image]]
instead of our ISO image.</p>
<!-- We should improve this error message in #10048 and get rid of this note. -->
<p>The error message <em>Error, Persistence volume is not
unlocked.</em> means that the Persistent Storage was not unlocked in
the Welcome Screen. You cannot use or configure your Persistent Storage
but you can delete it and create a new one.</p>
<p>To change the configuration of your Persistent Storage, restart Tails,
unlock the Persistent Storage, and choose <strong>Applications</strong>&nbsp;▸
<strong>Tails</strong>&nbsp;▸ <strong>Configure persistent volume</strong>