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[[!meta title="Managing passwords using KeePassXC"]]
Using the [<span class="application">KeePassXC</span>](https://keepassxc.org/)
password manager you can:
Store many passwords in an encrypted database which is protected by a single passphrase of your choice.
Always use different and stronger passwords, since you only have to remember a single passphrase to unlock the entire database.
Generate very strong random passwords.
Creating and saving a password database
Follow these steps to create a new password database and save it in the Persistent Storage for use in future working sessions.
To learn how to create a Persistent Storage, read our [[documentation on the Persistent Storage|persistent_storage]].
When starting Tails, unlock the Persistent Storage.
In Tails, choose **Applications**&nbsp;▸ **Persistent Storage**.
Verify that the Persistent Folder feature is turned on.
To create a new database, click <span class="guilabel">Create new database</span>.
Continue with the defaults settings in the configuration screens **General Database Information** and **Encryption Settings**.
The database is encrypted and protected by a passphrase. In the configuration screen **Database Credentials**:
Specify a passphrase of your choice in the **Enter password** text box.
Type the same passphrase again in the **Confirm password** text box.
Click **Done**.
Save the database as *Passwords.kdbx* in the *Persistent* folder.
Restoring and unlocking the password database
Follow these steps to unlock the password database saved in the Persistent Storage from a previous working session.