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Make sure that you have installed Tails using either:
[[<i>balenaEtcher</i> from macOS|install/mac#etcher]]
[[<i>balenaEtcher</i> from Windows|install/windows#etcher]]
[[<i>GNOME Disks</i> from Linux|install/linux#install]]
[[the Linux command line|install/expert#install]]
Shut down the computer.
Shut down the computer while leaving the USB stick plugged in.
Plug in the other Tails USB stick that you want to install from.
Plug in your Tails USB stick.
Switch on the computer.
Immediately press-and-hold the <span class="keycap">Option</span> key (<span class="keycap">⌥</span> or <span class="keycap">Alt</span>key) when the startup chime is played.
Hold the key pressed until a list of possible startup disks appears.
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/mac_option_key.png link="no" alt="'Option' or 'alt' key in the bottom left of Mac keyboard"]]
Choose the USB stick and press <span class="keycap">Enter</span>. The USB stick appears as an external hard disk and might be labeled <span class="guilabel">EFI Boot</span> or <span class="guilabel">Windows</span> like in the following screenshot:
[[!img install/inc/screenshots/mac_startup_usb.png link="no" alt="Screen with the logo of an internal hard disk labeled 'Macintosh HD' and an external hard disk labelled 'Windows' (selected)"]]
If the USB stick does not appear in the list of startup disks:
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If your computer still does not display the Boot Loader, it might currently be impossible to start Tails on your computer.
If your Mac displays the following error: