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[[!meta date="Mon, 22 Nov 2009 11:20:24 +0000"]]
[[!meta title="Ineffective firewall-level Tor enforcement"]]
[[!tag security/fixed]]
The `openntpd` package is not installed anymore since commit bf8cc787ce46e9946ab47d5383feb1174da3f22a (20091006). The `ntpd` user is then non-existent on built amnesia systems.
This user is however mentioned in `/etc/firewall.conf`. `iptables-restore` being apparently picky about imperfect configuration files, it refuses to load it, and the firewall-level Tor enforcement is therefore not effective.
Some applications establish direct connections through the Internet, not using the Tor network at all.
iceweasel is not affected, thanks to the torbutton extension
applications that take into account the relevant environment variables (namely `http_proxy`, `HTTP_PROXY`, `SOCKS_SERVER` and `SOCKS5_SERVER`) are not affected
any other application, such as Pidgin or Thunderbird, is probably affected.
This problem has been fixed in [[Git|contribute/git]] commit 9c425e8de13e6b4f885.
Affected versions
No released amnesia version is affected.
Custom images built from Git snapshots equal of after bf8cc787ce46e9946ab47d5383feb1174da3f22a (20091006), and before 9c425e8de13e6b4f885 (excluded), are affected.