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Your wallet can be recovered entirely from its <em>seed</em>: the
chain of words generated by <span class="application">Electrum</span>
when creating the wallet. But if you lose your seed, you
lose your entire wallet.
That's why we recommend you both:
Backup your seed outside of Tails. For example, you can write it down on a piece of paper and keep it with you.
<a name="corrupted"></a>
If <span class="application">Electrum</span> fails to start or stays
minimized, maybe your <span class="application">Electrum</span> folder
is corrupted.
To recover your wallet from its seed:
Make sure that <span class="application">Electrum</span> is closed.
Open your <span class="filename">Home</span> folder.
Open the <span class="filename">.electrum</span> folder.
Delete the <span class="filename">wallets</span> folder.
Start <span class="application">Electrum</span>.
When creating a new wallet choose <span class="guilabel">I already have a seed</span> and specify the seed of your wallet.
Click on the <span class="guimenu">[[!img lib/pan-down.png alt="menu toggle" class="symbolic" link="no"]]</span> button in the title bar and choose <span class="guilabel">Show Hidden Files</span>.
Recovering your wallet from its seed
Backing up your seed
Fixing a corrupted wallet
For an explanation of how Bitcoin works in simple terms, read [The In-Depth Guide to Bitcoin That Won’t Leave You Frustrated](
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[[!meta title="Exchanging bitcoins using Electrum"]]
[[!meta title="مبادلهٔ بیت‌کوین با استفاده از الکترام"]]
<p>To make it harder to relate your different transactions, you should use
a different receiving address for each transaction.
<span class="application">Electrum</span> automatically generates new
addresses for you to use.</p>
<p>برای دشوارتر کردن مرتبط دانستن تراکنش‌های مختلف خود می‌توانید
از آدرس‌های دریافتی مختلف برای هر تراکنش استفاده کنید.</p>