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<h1 id="new" class="pc-clone mac-clone">Welcome to your new Tails!</h1>
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<h2 id="wi-fi">Test your Wi-Fi</h2>
Problems with Wi-Fi are unfortunately quite common in Tails and Linux in general. To test if your Wi-Fi interface works in Tails:
Open the system menu in the top-right corner:
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Choose <span class="guilabel">Wi-Fi Not Connected</span> and then <span class="guilabel">Select Network</span>.
After establishing a connection to a local network, the *Tor Connection* assistant appears to help you connect to the Tor network.
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<p>Yay, you managed to start <span class="pc-clone mac-clone">your new</span> Tails on your computer!</p>
<p>If you want to save some of your documents
and configuration in an encrypted storage on your <span class="clone">new</span> Tails USB stick, follow
our instructions until the end. Otherwise, have a look at our
<span class="windows">[[final recommendations|windows#recommendations]].</span>
<span class="mac">[[final recommendations|mac#recommendations]].</span>
<span class="linux">[[final recommendations|linux#recommendations]].</span>
<span class="expert">[[final recommendations|expert#recommendations]].</span>
<span class="pc-clone">[[final recommendations|clone#recommendations]].</span>
<span class="mac-clone">[[final recommendations|clone/mac#recommendations]].</span>
<h1 id="create-persistence" class="step">Create a Persistent Storage (optional)</h1>
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You can optionally create an encrypted Persistent Storage in the
remaining free space on your
<span class="clone">new</span>
Tails USB stick to store any of the following:
Personal files
Some settings