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[[!meta title="Calculating checksums using GtkHash"]]
[<span class="application">GtkHash</span>](https://github.com/tristanheaven/gtkhash)
allows you to calculate [[!wikipedia checksum desc="checksums"]]. Checksums can
be useful to verify the integrity of a file, for example, if you downloaded it
from the Internet.
To calculate the checksum of a file:
Open the <span class="application">Files</span> browser.
Navigate to the folder containing the file that you want to calculate the checksum for.
Right-click (on Mac, click with two fingers) on the file and choose <span class="guimenuitem">Properties</span>.
In the <span class="guimenuitem">Properties</span> dialog, click on the <span class="guilabel">Digests</span> tab.
[[!img gtkhash.png link="no"]]
[[!img gtkhash.png link="no"]]
In the <span class="guilabel">Hash Function</span> column of the <span class="guilabel">Digests</span> tabbed section, select the check boxes corresponding to the checksums that you want to calculate.
Click on the <span class="bold">Hash</span> button.
The calculated checksums appear in the <span class="guilabel">Digest</span> column.