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<h2 id="does-not-start">Tails does not start</h2>
<a id="debian"></a>
For troubleshooting instructions in case Tails fails to start, refer to our installation instructions on:
[[Starting a PC on a USB stick|doc/first_steps/start/pc]] [[Starten von DVD mit einem Mac|install/mac/dvd#start-dvd]]
[[Starting a Mac on a USB stick|doc/first_steps/start/mac]] [[Starten von DVD mit einem Mac|install/mac/dvd#start-dvd]]
<h1 id="debian">Reproducing the bug in Debian (for advanced users)</h1>
It is very useful for us to know if your bug only affects Tails or also affects Debian, on which Tails is based.
Doing so takes much more time so, in doubt, report your bug as instructed earlier and wait for guidance from our help desk.
If your bug also affects Debian *stable* then it will have to be fixed in Debian directly and not in Tails.
If your bug affects Debian *stable* but not Debian *testing* then it might have been solved already in Debian.
Debian also distributes images (*Debian live*) that you can install on a USB stick using the same installation procedure as for installing Tails.
Debian stable
Images for the stable version of Debian, on which Tails is based, are available on:
Download the `gnome+nonfree.iso` image to have the GNOME desktop and all the non-free firmware for better hardware compatibility.
Debian testing
Images for the testing version of Debian are available on: